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Hitachi Construction Machinery

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CLIENT Hitachi Construction Machinery INDUSTRY Construction Machinery / Mining SERVICES Print Design
PROJECT Trolley Truck brochure

The client / the challenge

We’d been working with Hitachi Construction Machinery for years when they came to us seeking a design for a new brochure for their Trolley Truck. The Trolley Truck is an eco-friendly dump truck that saves almost 30% of CO2 emissions by allowing the driver to switch from diesel power to an overhead electric power source.

Our strategic solution

We had more creative license with this brochure than the previous excavator product brochures we’d designed for Hitachi Construction Machinery. So, our strategic solution was to design a brochure that would show these trucks off, grab attention and help this impressive product stand out.

CLIENT Hitachi Construction Machinery INDUSTRY Construction Machinery / Mining SERVICES Print Design
PROJECT Trolley Truck brochure

Our approach was to treat this brochure more like a poster than a catalogue: to capture attention first and then inform, not drown the reader in detail.

We gave the cover image the space and size it required to dominate the page, but we still allowed the cover to do some great communicating.

We were presented with a brief for this 2-page brochure that had half the information on each page.


We began by moving all but the most essential info from the front cover to ensure the brochure would be far more engaging.


We added a strong hero image of the trolley truck on the front page, driving straight towards the viewer while connected to its overhead power source. Our aim was to capture attention of the target reader, making it much more likely they’d turn the brochure over to read on.

On the reverse side of the brochure, we organised a lot of information into a small amount of space. We created a visual logic that was not only pleasing to look at, but also allows the page to be readily scanned by a busy reader.


Our editor worked to not only cut extraneous information, but to help the words flow in a pleasing and logical way. The end result was that we presented a lot of disparate facts in a quick, efficient and pleasing manner.

This brochure is a testament to the team's expertise not just in branding, copy, and design, but also in exceptional client experience and communication.

When we approached Lovehate Design+Brand with the request to summarise our trolley truck product in just two pages, we knew we were setting a challenge.

But the end result went above and beyond our expectations, and the process couldn't have been easier thanks to their guidance. The brochure never fails to impress customers, summing up our trolley truck thoroughly yet succinctly. It has become a staple in our marketing and sales materials.

Sarah Lispet Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Hitachi Construction Machinery

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