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For your business to succeed, your customers have to hear about it.

Are you having trouble reaching your market? Do you need a strategy to help you pull focus? That’s where we come in. At Lovehate Design+Brand, we’ll increase your sales, clicks and clients by crafting meaningful communication between your brand and its target audience.

We send your messages out in the world across a variety of channels – from social media and print ads to digital advertising, SEO and more – to meet your customers where they’re looking for you.

With in-house design, branding, strategy and marketing experts, we offer a complete marketing solution to ensure your brand stands out and is heard.


Everyone’s talking about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). And while it’s only one of many ways to reach your audience, it’s an important one given how many of your potential customers go searching for services and products like yours online. SEO refers to any efforts made to get your sites or posts ranking well in Google (and Bing and Yahoo) searches. “SEO optimisation” therefore drives traffic to your website or posts by making them more visible to people Googling keywords relevant to your business.

When designing your website, we make the most of natural SEO, ensuring your websites are filled with the right keywords at appropriate densities to please both human readers and search engines. Plus, we have a technical SEO team who can get your website ranking well on Google using a range of the latest SEO techniques, from in-depth keyword analyses and title and meta tag development to ensuring backlinks are optimised and more. Plus, we can generate traffic to your site through blogging, forum posting, article marketing, and business listings.

And if that’s all sounding overwhelming to you, don’t worry: our technical experts can explain it all – or handle it all – for you.

Your business deserves lots of attention, online and off.

Contact us today for a complete marketing plan to ensure your business will stand out, be heard and grow.

Our strategic team can help you with:

strategy + marketing | digital marketing strategy | social media posts + blogs | content management | video + radio scripts | presentations | signage + billboards | advertising | + more

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