Copywriting + Strategy

The right words are powerful: they can drive your clients to action.

Just as design without strategy is only pretty pictures, words without strategy can cause potential clients slip through your fingers.

At Lovehate Design+Brand, we know how to wield the power of storytelling to cut through the noise and help your business be heard. We’ll create a robust strategy for your business that includes your own unique brand language and tone of voice, so that when we start to speak to your target market, they will lean in to hear more.

We’re marketing experts who write with an agenda: we write with your target audience in mind, crafting words that will encourage them to make a purchase, sign up for a service or to stay engaged long enough to absorb your entire message. Our copy can educate your audience about you, increasing their confidence in your skills or products, and will motivate them to get in touch.

Q. “But why do I need a copywriter when I can write well?”

A. It’s not typically the core topics and content you’ll need help with – we know you are experts in understanding your own business and its strengths and you’re likely skilled in writing for the business environment – but for website and marketing copy various different strategies lie behind how content is best written. Everything we will write on your business’ behalf is crafted to appeal to your target market. But what do we mean by this?

Well, when people write on behalf of their own businesses, they tend to get stuck in the mode of writing from their own perspective, generating swathes of information-heavy text that only talks about their business and what it can do. This can overwhelm the reader (or possibly even bore them). So, a key way in which our team of writers and brand strategists can help you gain greater engagement is that we can help you keep people reading on long enough to learn what you want them to know about your business and to motivate them to get in touch.

We write persuasive text that talks to your potential clients, letting them know first of all that you understand their needs and pain points. Only then, once they’re sure they’re in the right place and are leaning in to listen, do we explain that your business has all the services or skills required to meet their needs and solve their woes. Along with highlighting your business’ strengths and credibility we also position you as the answer to their problems.

Our team of strategic storytellers – skilled in writing for businesses of all shapes and sizes – will write succinct content tailored to appeal to your different markets. We ensure every word will drive your readers to action.

Your business’ story deserves to be heard.

Contact us today to find out more about how our team of experts can collaborate with you to get your design + copywriting + strategy all working together to ensure your business can stand out, be heard and grow.

Our strategic copywriters can help you with:

capability statements + brochures/flyers | advertising copy | naming + straplines | website content | social media posts + blogs | tv + radio ad scripts | digital content | presentations + speeches | advertising | + more

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