Our Process

Everything we do is strategically designed to help you stand out, be heard and grow.

At Lovehate Design+Brand, our unique, thorough and tailored approach to brand strategy means we will take the time to dig deep and find out all about your business, your competitors, and your target audience as well.

Then we use this information as the foundations for a robust custom brand strategy that communicates your unique points of difference in a tone and medium that is compelling and interesting to your audience.

This process means that – whether we’re creating logos, websites or printed and online marketing materials for you – the end results are successful, engaging, clever messages that will truly grow your brand and resonate with your audience.

Whether we’re working with the big brands you know or an emerging small business, a government department, universities, musicians, bakers or artisanal candlestick makers – our process is the same:


    We start with a workshop (or simply a meeting for smaller projects) to truly get to know your business and its audience and define the scale and scope of the project.


    After helping you to discover your business goals, your points of difference and your audience’s needs and pain points, we will craft a tailored brand strategy to:

    • define your brand qualities
    • position you in your field
    • differentiate you from your competitors, and
    • guide your marketing efforts.

    At this stage we’ll recommend overhauling any aspects of your brand that are no longer serving you as well.


    We create meaningful assets that speak loudly about your brand and get you attention – from websites and business cards to printed brochures, logos, ads and social media posts.

    Everything we design and write is backed by a robust brand strategy to:

    • make the most of your marketing spend
    • build your profitability
    • engage your audience, and
    • achieve your goals.

We’re the Brisbane graphic design studio that offers a complete marketing solution to help your brand thrive.

Ready to grow your brand?